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Using Digital Signs to Recruit Students

The challenge of recruiting the best high school graduates has increased for most colleges, especially in the last few years. A recent study found that universities spend an average of $2,232 just to attract one student. Add in the fact that fewer high school graduates are enrolling in college, and that competition starts to become even fiercer. A college recruitment strategy can be improved by incorporating digital signage to communicate with prospective students.

3 Ways Colleges Can Use Digital Signage for College Recruitment

Today’s teenagers grew up in the digital age, so they are already extremely tech savvy. They expect a certain level of technology, especially on a college campus, where innovation should be at the highest levels. There are several ways Visual Communications can be used to promote your university’s best attributes while providing a personalized experience that helps students feel they’re truly wanted.

1. Use Digital Screens to Create Personalized Welcome Messages

Show students they are more than an ID number by displaying their names on digital screens as soon as they walk onto your campus. Personalized welcome messages make students feel like they belong, that they’ve found a place to call home, at least for the next several years. While the prospect of going off to college is exciting, it can also be overwhelming emotionally and mentally draining. When you take the time to prepare messages, this shows that you’ve taken a true interest in them. Aside from the welcome messages, the screens can also be used to highlight important features on campus, display schedules of campus tours and show social media posts from students, faculty and alumni.

 2.  Use Digital Signs to Promote Your School’s Specialized Programs

Every college has “schools within the school”, from business, science and communications to fine arts. Digital Communications can be used to increase awareness and enrollment in these specialized programs. One innovative way to attract students is by creating interactive kiosks on campus so prospective students can explore everything the school has to offer in their area of interest. Budding engineering students will want to know if your program can help them achieve their career goals. Future graphic designers will want to see examples of work created by students, as well as find out how graduates have used their education in the “real world”.

You can also include bio information and office hours for faculty members so students can begin to connect with professors. The kiosks can even be set up to enable students to ask questions and receive personalized answers from a set of pre-determined responses. Communications should incorporate many different mediums, from photos and graphics to videos to help increase engagement and interest.

3.  Use Digital Signage to Show the Student Experience

 College is about learning, exploration and growth. It’s also about an experience. It’s a time for students to have fun, form relationships that will impact the rest of their lives and generally determine the kind of adults they want to be. Show prospective students how your institution can impact their lives. Create video walls in student centers or other high-traffic areas on campus to really draw attention to your high-impact, lifestyle-based content. Videos and images can highlight different elements of campus life, including sports events, speakers and special events, concerts, dining options on campus, clubs and activities they can join, and more. You can also use these digital signs to display videos that tell the story of your school, with testimonials from current students and alumni.

Digital Signage Can Also be Used for Wayfinding and Navigation

Finding your way around an unfamiliar campus can be a daunting task. Wayfinding stations and navigational signage can help prospective students find specific locations with ease. The technology can also be adapted for mobile use so that students can use their smartphones to navigate the campus, no matter where they are. Wayfinding technology can also be used to show routes and schedules for campus transportation.

Case Study – West Virginia University

See how West Virginia University incorporated high-tech digital solutions to improve communications with students and staff on its campus.

Digital signage can be a powerful tool to help college campuses recruit prospective students and communicate with current students, faculty, and staff. FWI is here to help you deploy a dynamic, personalized, visual signage network for your higher learning institution that will help attract new students while increasing engagement with current ones. 

If you’re interested in learning more, contact Four Winds Interactive to request a free demo.

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