Ten Apps That Will Improve Your Digital Signage

Installing your digital signage is half the battle. Once you have all of the hardware in place, you need content. And most digital signage installations require a fresh flow of content, with unique content necessary for different teams and business groups.

The apps that marketing uses will differ greatly from facility management because they are conveying different messages. And whereas HR may need an app for welcoming new hires, executives may need a digital signage app that tracks employee performance. The following are the top ten apps that will make digital signage easier for human resources, executive management, facilities management and marketing professionals.

Apps for Human Resources

Some of the most informative and visible digital signage displays are those sponsored by the HR department. That said, it's imperative that the human resources department has access to applications that will make managing digital signage easier.

In order to recruit, manage, train and maintain a staff, it is critical to have the proper tools in place. And getting reliable and accurate information out to a large workforce isn't easy, but with the following apps, it becomes much easier.

·       New Hire Welcome: The New Hire Welcome app starts each team member off on the right foot by displaying the new hire's name, department, title, start date, bio and a photo.

·       Guest / Visitor Information: Greet your guests with all the information they need to have an enjoyable visit to your office. Display information for Wi-Fi connection, parking validation, coffee, rest areas, local restaurants and more.

Apps for Executive Management

The people occupying the C-Suite are a busy bunch, and any executive will tell you, if there’s a way to solve their daily challenges—explore that option. One of the biggest challenges for executives revolves around performance management. That’s why good digital signage applications for executive management are designed to address exactly that. The two most useful executive management apps for remote digital signage include:

KPI Metrics Board: The KPI Metrics Board integrates with Salesforce to display your real-time data. Choose from multiple configuration options and give all of your teams an edge.
Salesperson Leaderboard: Use the salesperson leaderboard app to display a portrait of each of your team members and their sales totals to create a healthy competition that drives sales.
Facilities Management

There is not one perfect digital signage app for facilities management, there are many. Applications that are unique to facilities management should possess features like scheduling, searchable databases and predictive analytics. The following are the digital signage apps every facility manager should be using:

·       Contacts Directory: The intuitive and searchable Contacts Directory app makes it easy for any employee or visitor to find, contact or recognize a member of your workforce.

·       Open Boardroom: The Open Boardroom app integrates with your calendar system to display information about available rooms and lets you reserve specific rooms from the screen.

·       Weather: The only predictable thing about weather is its unpredictability. Provide a running 5-day forecast of local weather so everyone can be prepared.


Out of all the departments, marketing has some of the greatest obstacles to overcome. They have to constantly stay ahead of industry trends to continuously keep their audiences updated and informed. For marketers, there is an entire sea of apps at out there, but here are the top three:

·       Social Media Dashboard: Use the Social Media Dashboard app to keep your audience updated, informed and engaged when you showcase posts from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profiles.

·       Event Promotion: Display event photos alongside the date, time, location and description of your upcoming event and drive participation with the Event Promotion app.

·       Rate Your Experience: Rate Your Experience is a great way to allow guests, consumers, visitors and employees to give their valuable feedback using this simple-to-use, interactive app.

At the end of the day, the apps that will make your digital signage more effective are the ones best suited for each department.

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