The Future of Employee Engagement

Our Last few posts about the Future of HR dealt with Recruiting and Onboarding, so now, let’s take a look at how corporate digital signage technology will impact ongoing employee engagement.

Imagine interactive screens mounted at each workstation, in every hallway, meeting room or break-room; everywhere employees gather or work. Now imagine those screens populated with gorgeous imagery. Animated KPI numbers. Employee recognition videos. Interactive wayfinding. Performance metrics. New deal alerts. Happy birthday greetings. Upcoming event announcements. Wellness Challenges. Building updates. Departmental reports. Pictures of employee’s pets. Company performance statistics. Twitter feeds. And that list is just the beginning.

In the near future, any of that content can be triggered by people simply walking by, or called up with a swipe of a finger, and it could all be managed from a single dashboard. Imagine that. Instead of making your employees search for information on an Intranet, posting on bulletin boards or sending them countless emails, your workforce can absorb all that information by simply glancing up.

And what if that information could be displayed on personal screens mounted at each workstation? Or could be accessible on every mobile device? You’d have an office without barriers to information. You’d have the workplace of the future.

The modern workplace will also have virtual, interactive bulletin boards in high-traffic areas that will let employees post information. Accessed through a central portal that can be prescreened before publishing, any employee can share information about upcoming events, announcements and more. These social stations promote engagement and further obscure the boundaries between work and personal life—something that your workforce will expect.

Interactive HR kiosks could also be placed throughout your building, giving everyone access to benefits, training sign-ups, certifications, employee directories, visitor lists, company event information or healthcare updates. You name it and it could all be done.

Welcome to the new world that revolves around Employee Success. Giving your workforce the information they need empowers them professionally and personally – and when that happens, your business benefits too.

The future is closer than you think.

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