The Future of Talent Management

The first posts in the Future of HR series dealt with RecruitingOnboarding and Employee Engagement. And now, to finish off the series, let’s take a look at how technology will impact ongoing talent management practices.

Studies have shown that the best teams are comprised of members that have real empathy for one another. But how do you encourage that? One of the quickest and easiest ways to foster a culture of empathy is to create a workspace where employees feel free to share ideas and learn about each other. Old hierarchies are rapidly giving way to collaborative environments, where the company’s best employees can quickly share information and training to up-skill others.

Envision a leadership portal that provides real-time information about team performance and collaboration. Managers will be able to receive push notifications reminding them of vacation requests, upcoming employee work-from-home days and more. The information they require can be automatically delivered. Where applicable, rolling employee performance data can also be uploaded into that same portal, providing a real-time ranking of team members. Additionally, your executive team will have access to all of this information, giving them the ability to assess each manager as well as drill down to see a specific employee’s performance.

Another powerful aspect of this management portal lies in its ability to act as an internal talent repository. Education history, prior work experience and personality traits can all be loaded into the portal. HR departments can use this information to compile profiles of top performers and then use that data to improve your automated recruitment strategies. In order to maximize efficiency across the board, this portal can also serve another purpose. The executive team can search the talent repository for specific skills that may be unrelated to an employee’s current role. Whether looking for language skills, specific industry experience or any other skillsets that may otherwise be unknown, the right employee for every project can be identified quickly.

Technology should be built to serve employees. To make their jobs easier. To make them more effective. To make their work-lives and home-lives more fulfilling. Today, that’s typically not the case. Tomorrow’s technology is being built to reverse that trend, and your ability to implement it is closer than you think. While the scenarios outlined in this series may seem like science fiction, the reality and functionality of our software will surprise you. Your vision of a futuristic, intuitive and efficient workplace: brought to life now. It’s possible.

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