The Importance of Video in Digital Signage

Combining video and digital signage is one of the most effective ways to foster brand recall and optimize messaging. One of the reasons why digital signage is important is that when compared to text and still photos, the highly visual and auditory nature of videos make them easier for customers to digest and remember. Usually, when a shopper recalls a video, they also remember the brand—generating more potential clients and sales. Digital signage videos are also great for strengthening a brand’s message. And according to Vala Afshar, Chief Digital Marketing Evangelist of Salesforce:

Video is the next best thing to being there in person, and it’s proving itself to be a powerful and highly accessible weapon throughout the selling process.

Videos attract more attention than printed signs

Shifting to digital signage videos can help your brand attract more viewers because human eyes inherently capture motion. In fact, since our eyes are naturally drawn to moving objects. It is another reason why digital signage is important, and a study showed that 8 out of 10 customers have entered a retail store because a sign caught their attention. When creating digital signage videos, it is important to consider timing and readability.

As a tip, limit videos to 15 seconds to better capture attention because a customer’s attention span peaks at eight seconds, and an audiovisual that’s playing for more than twice the average attention span could easily lose interest for the audience. In addition, videos made from GIFs or dynamic pictures should be kept at a minimum, allowing sufficient white space or breathing room. Videos in digital signage should also use Sans Serif texts that are not smaller than 20 points, and should be limited from five to six lines per video pane. This allows the customer’s mind to process your message and take a specific action, such as enter the retail store or order online.

Videos increase a company’s visibility

With quintillions of bytes of data created every day, it is easy for your company’s message to blend in to the background. By attracting and directing the attention of your customers amidst all the online advertisements, TV ads and printed displays, videos in digital signage can help differentiate you from the rest of the pack. To create successful digital signage videos that will make your company stand out, pay close attention to color and contrast.

It is important to set the right contrast of text and background color so that the text is readable even from far away. Bear in mind though, even though a low-contrast design aesthetic has become the trend, it doesn’t necessarily work for videos in digital signage. Low contrast text in digital signage videos can strain the eye, making it more difficult for customers to decipher words.

Although limiting the background to plain black or white with big and bold text is typically the norm, some companies like to experiment with color to create different effects. One interesting experiment found out that using bright colors such as yellow, orange and red as a video background can actually work if it is flooded by light in the background. Using an office space as a video backdrop also works if the video is about testimonials or success stories.

Videos help deliver information more efficiently

Beyond sales and marketing, videos in digital signage can also be an efficient way to deliver critical information, especially in the event of an emergency. Short videos can be played showing the nearest exit routes, evacuation centers and first aid best practices. Because videos in digital signage are rich in color, audio and motion, they can effectively be used to guide people to safety. More advanced solutions like Four Winds Interactive (FWI) can also push the same information to mobile phones. 

It is forecasted that by 2019, 80% of all Internet traffic will be streaming video, making it the top conversion-driving content. Using videos in digital signage makes your company part of this digital revolution. By communicating the way your customers prefer, you are showing you understand why digital signage is important and are positioning your business for continued success. 

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