The Key Benefits of Corporate Enterprise Digital Signage

One system that can push communication across thousands of digital signage screens in various locations worldwide: this is the power of enterprise digital signage. Unlike traditional signage, corporate digital signage allows for centralized content management across a host of content format—including videos, slides, social media, RSS feeds, live data and even emergency alerts.

With digital signage for enterprise companies, not only is content and signage management seamless, but the integration with various business applications and cross-platform support is easy, too. Digital signage is no longer reserved for retail and public spaces. Corporations are rapidly discovering how digital signage can be an effective tool to communicate across the enterprise, engaging both employees and clients along the way.

One Platform to Manage Multiple Digital Applications

Corporate digital signage provides a single platform to manage multiple digital signage applications across your organization. Four Winds Interactive’s (FWI) digital signage for enterprise companies allows for the one-stop management of employee communications, wayfinding, meeting room scheduling and performance management, among other use cases.


Enterprise digital signage enables your human resources department to communicate corporate values across various offices and locations consistently. This is made possible through a comprehensive content management system. Because of this, commonly siloed endeavors such as employee engagement and recognition can now be cohesive initiatives across the organization, inspiring more teams and employees.


Implementing a digital wayfinding solution is beneficial, as it improves the customer, visitor and employee experiences by enabling intuitive navigation. FWI's wayfinding solutions can be embedded with animated routing and turn-by-turn instructions and can even be created for multi-level wayfinding. Once completed, these maps and instructions can be pushed to a specific office’s corporate digital signage and can be updated or removed as necessary.

Meeting Room Management

Managing meeting rooms through one application is another benefit of using enterprise digital signage. FWI BOOKED is an intuitive meeting room management solution that can help businesses optimize the way meeting rooms are scheduled and used. It also provides an integrated technology that handles reservations, showing in real-time which rooms are available or busy. FWI BOOKED even allows employees to extend their meetings with a single touch.

Plus, it can easily integrate with existing meeting room management applications such as Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar. With FWI BOOKED, real-time reservation information from various systems can be displayed on screens across the enterprise. Not only is it useful for employees to know which room is free or occupied on a real-time basis, but reservations can be made immediately using the signage.

Internal Branding

Since one platform can be used to manage all digital applications, enterprise digital signage also provides a secure platform that can strengthen internal branding. Because of this cohesion, corporate digital signage can foster a stronger internal brand message with digital transformation as the primary driver.

Integrates with Existing Business Applications

Enterprise digital signage like FWI’s solutions can easily integrate with various business applications like Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, Instagram, Twilio and several more. Unlike typical signage, digital signage for enterprise companies allows for a quick and seamless integration using ready-made adapters. 

Operations Management

As a top cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution, Salesforce can help with case and task management and even provide analytical and collaboration tools. And through a direct integration with Salesforce and other enterprise CRMs, displaying real-time performance and operational metrics on digital signage is possible.

Social Media

Integration with business applications is easy with corporate digital signage because of its capability to enhance employee awareness and involvement. Take the case of Facebook and Twitter integrations. By showing live feeds of employee-contributed content, more employees will be encouraged to participate in the company’s initiatives and causes. This opens a proper feedback channel, allowing HR to track the performance of their efforts by utilizing tracking metrics such as impressions, likes and shares. Integrating with corporate social media accounts is also a good way to educate the workforce by transforming social media into an information hub. Here, HR can post information about upcoming performance evaluations, trainings and events.

Cross-Platform Support

Unlike traditional signage systems, digital signage for enterprise companies is capable of cross-platform support. FWI can run on iOS, Android, BrightSign and Windows. Because of this flexibility, no additional development effort is needed whenever a corporate digital sign needs to be deployed using a different operating system. It is also scalable, meaning that multiple applications can be deployed to thousands of screens across different office locations in a matter of hours, not weeks or months.

Digital signage for enterprise companies sets itself apart from a standard LED board that’s playing PowerPoint slides on a loop. Enterprise digital signage provides organizations efficiency, quality, security and performance, things that traditional signage, can’t deliver. FWI’s corporate digital signage solutions provide opportunities to various departments—HR, Marketing, Sales, Communications, IT and Logistics—to be more efficient in their work by combining the power of signage technology with their individual expertise.

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