The Last Step of Your Visual Communications Journey: SUSTAIN & GROW

So, we’ve outlined the Vision and Execution steps of your Visual Communications journey, and that leaves us with the last one: Sustaining and Growing your network. 

It’s imperative to avoid the “software, now what?” question. It may seem like a no-brainer, but in order to maximize the efficacy of your network, you need a defined plan for continuous improvement and growth. Otherwise, things can get stale. And the worst thing you can do with any software investment is allow it to become stagnant. Once you’ve got your network up and running, you’ve got to make sure it’s optimized to meet your goals.

Three Key Things to Consider

  • What does your audience need to see? Having pertinent content on your screens at all times is extremely important. However, that takes planning. As things change, content can lose its relevance, so creating a content strategy that’s aligned with your goals is key.
  • How will your audience experience your content? Considering how people access your content allows you to optimize your communications across every available platform—even mobile.
  • Where does your audience need to see your content in order to maximize its efficacy? By thinking through the “when” you’re able to plan out and schedule content accordingly.

Basically, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your typical viewer to make sure the messages you’re trying to deliver are making an impact and helping you meet the original goals of your Visual Communications project. And if those goals are being met, expanding the scope of your network becomes easier.

Want to learn more? Forward, the leading Visual Communications Conference features dedicated learning tracks for the each of the three steps in the Visual Communications journey. So join us this October in Denver to learn more about sustaining and growing your network (plus a whole lot more)!

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