The Power of Employee Recognition Signs

There is a strong connection between employee recognition and job satisfaction. Appreciation is a fundamental human need and feeling appreciated can lead to an array of benefits in the workplace, including increased productivity, enhanced teamwork, longer retention, improved work quality and a better work-life balance. However, effective employee recognition is easier said than done. The time needed to design and implement a strategic employee appreciation program can be challenging, especially for companies with a small human resources department. Employee recognition signs are one of the most efficient and modern approaches in fostering this HR strategy. Here, we’ll explore the importance of employee recognition and how digital signage can help make recognition a part of your culture.

Increase performance with recognition badges

Most large business performance tools, including Salesforce, have built-in badging applications. And those can be integrated into your digital signage network, capitalizing on an existing platform while giving the badging application more reach. Badges that demonstrate exceptional performance and expertise are being adopted across industries. The badges that companies give out vary depending on the skills needed to reach company objectives. Some companies give out badges that recognize the work of subject matter experts, sales and marketing teams, while others highlight the corporate values they want to promote such as collaboration, agility and business empathy.

Through its badging system, Salesforce enables companies to create customized badges. Through Salesforce's integration with Four Winds Interactive (FWI), the badges people earn can be displayed on employee recognition signs for the entire company to see. The role of employee recognition signs is vital, as they help to not only improve performance but also increase ROI and reduce the overall attrition rate.

Create a sense of belonging with employee recognition signs

Gartner highlighted the importance of using employee recognition to create a sense of belonging in their company, which can help foster loyalty, increase retention and promote work-life balance. Gartner focused on years of service, personal milestones and team appreciation in their employee recognition strategy.

FWI has a full suite of employee recognition apps that can help foster an employee's sense of belonging. FWI's Years of Service, Employee Retirement, Salesperson Leaderboard and KPI Status Board applications can make employees feel like they’re part of something bigger and that their contribution makes a difference. Through FWI’s Integration Framework, FWI’s employee recognition apps can be linked to a company’s HR system and can pull relevant information to display.

Encourage participation with employee recognition signs

Studies repeatedly emphasize the importance of employee recognition in promoting staff participation in company activities. Company initiatives related to social responsibility, health and safety and even company-wide activities such as competitions, sales blitzes more can be successful if they’re aligned with a well-planned rewards and recognition strategy.

When used strategically, employee recognition signs can inform, build anticipation and encourage employees to participate in company events. Their level of involvement and effort can be complemented with gifts company swag, trips or whatever your organization wants to provide. Every time employees earn points or reach a milestone, their achievements can be displayed on employee recognition signs.

Employee recognition increases ROI

The importance of employee recognition is also evident in terms of return of investment (ROI). When companies use positive reinforcement, studies show that a 19% increase in operating income and a 28% increase in earnings per share over a 12-month period can be realized. Primarily due to the fact that frequent recognition motivates employees to do better and keeps them engaged with the company for a longer period of time, companies who believe in a “culture of recognition” often find that the quality of work is improved and that retention rates increase over time. 

Employee recognition signs are important because they allow organizations to effectively execute their rewards and recognition strategy.  FWI’s Integration Framework and applications make recognizing employees easier than ever before-- start building your rewards and recognition strategy today.

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