The Second Step of Your Visual Communications Journey: EXECUTION

Our last post outlined the importance of having a vision for your Visual Communications network. It also introduced the next two steps in the journey:

Step 2—The Execution

Step 3—Sustaining and Growing Your Network

In this post, we’ll get into the details of the execution phase. This step is incredibly important because it’s where all of the planning and preparation comes together, the installation is completed and your Visual Communications network becomes operational. There are a lot of moving parts during this crucial step,

Three Key Factors That Impact the Execution Phase: 

  • Involvement of key decision makers – Who needs to ultimately provide their signoff and acceptance of the custom design and functionality that will be implemented? Are they aware of their role in the execution phase, providing the necessary and timely approvals to keep the project on schedule? Ensuring that you have a dedicated internal resource capable of moving things along in a timely fashion is crucial, and helps avoid many challenges.
  • Physical Installation – Who is preparing the site for physical installation? Is the necessary power and data run to each location? Are the installers scheduled to coincide with the final software and design delivery? It may be easy to overlook these considerations, but failure to adequately prepare your site may result in unnecessary obstacles.
  • Software training and knowledge transfer – Who will maintain the FWI solution once the keys are handed over? Near the end of the execution phase, FWI will train your end users on how to leverage our software, and specifically how to support your custom-designed signage build.

Want to learn more? Forward, the leading Visual Communications Conference features dedicated learning tracks for the each of the three steps in the Visual Communications journey! So join us this October in Denver to learn more about the execution step, plus a whole lot more.

The First Step of Your Visual Communications Journey: VISION
The First Step of Your Visual Communications Journey: VISION

Learn what it takes to create a solid foundation for your digital signage network.

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