The Top Digital Signage Solutions for Retail

Market competition is stiff, and the distinction between offline and online retailers is becoming less important, as both types of stores offer almost the same value. As brands strive to get the attention of customers both in physical and online stores, companies are starting to invest in innovative technology such as retail digital signage. And there are multiple ways to use digital signage to improve the customer experience.

Advertising and Promotions:

While in-store retargeting for online stores is very straightforward, using the same strategy in physical stores can be a challenge. However, with retail digital signage stores can display targeted promotions on digital screens using beacons. A beacon is a small Bluetooth radio transmitter that enables the signage to know where the customer is, making in-store retargeting a possibility.

Retail Lobby Experience: 

Retail digital signage is also an effective way to enhance the lobby experience. Digital boards can be used to greet the customer at the doors, serving as a hotspot not only for building brand awareness but for product advertising and promotions. In-store retargeting can be done in lobbies by displaying merchandise, specials and events, focusing on items that are viewed the most often.

Interactive digital signage is another good option that can be placed in retail lobbies. These types of solutions can provide an endless aisle experience, plus they can be configured to have price-checking functionality and provide customers access to detailed product information. Endless aisles work by providing customers the capability to browse merchandise that is not readily available in the showroom. 

Video Walls: 

Video walls, sometimes referred to as wow walls, are perfect for displaying huge pictures and high definition videos. Ideally placed near the products being promoted or at the entrance to the store, video walls can create a unique backdrop and eye-catching focal point for the customer. The goal here is to immerse customers in your brand’s differentiating qualities and create a memorable shopping experience. These large-format displays can also help influence buying behaviors by showcasing certain products and videos.


Perfect for malls and shopping centers, wayfinding can not only enhance the customer experience but can also be a good method of advertising. For instance, Four Winds Interactive’s (FWI) wayfinding application gives companies the flexibility to choose the right solution relative to their store’s need. From static and dynamic to interactive wayfinding, FWI provides an easy-to-configure wayfinding application that cannot only show a map of the mall but can show specific promotions and advertisements. This capability of FWI’s wayfinding application is perfect for in-store and shopping center navigation.

Retail digital signage can quickly attract customers’ attention and help your brand stand out from the crowded retail landscape. 

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