Tips for Maintaining Your Interactive Digital Signage

Once your digital signage solution is up and running, you need to make sure it is well maintained so you can continuously reap the benefits of Visual Communications. You can encourage your audience to interact with digital signage all you want, but if the screen is dirty, the hardware is malfunctioning or the content message is off, the sign not only becomes useless but a detriment to your goals.

Signs of Neglect 

Here are a few things to look out for that indicate it’s time for routine maintenance: 

  • Malfunctions: It’s obvious that your system needs work if you see glitches in daily operation. When it comes to maintaining digital signage, this is the number one warning flag that you need to do something and do it fast.
  • Updates: Even if your digital signage installation occurred less than a year ago, chances are you still need an update. Technology moves fast, so if you are having issues with your signs, it’s best to check if there is a new software version available.
  • Stale Content: It happens. A massive part of digital signage maintenance is ensuring your screens are displaying fresh content. This can be accomplished by integrating with your business systems to provide real-time information, outsourcing the daily management and strategy to a dedicated Visual Communications Manager or building a content creation team.

Your solution will lose its impact and efficacy if it's not properly maintained. So, here are a few ways to maintain interactive and non-interactive digital signage after the initial installation:

Housekeeping 101

Interactive digital signage maintenance 101 includes getting out there and wiping things down. Motivate people to touch the screens by keeping them clean. Just like any modern TV, you can’t simply spray a cleaner on it and wipe. Spraying liquid directly on any screen is a major no-no. There are certain products and techniques designed to keep your digital displays looking great.

Hardware and Software Maintenance

If you have recently installed an interactive network, chances are your hardware is all set, but it’s best to keep checking it anyway.

Damage of hardware is a result of several types of interference. Inspect for malfunctions that can be caused by simple issues like gravity (sagging mounts due to improper installation) and pest interference (mice can chew through wires). In terms of keeping your software updated, much like a home computer, the system needs to be updated to run efficiently. Any new changes to software should be installed immediately. This also improves system security and ensures your interactive digital signage is doing its basic job of communication. Four Winds Interactive regularly makes improvements to its core software products, and with each successive update, and users gain more functionality and flexibility in both the content management and content player software.

Content Management

Are you saying things to people that are relevant? If not, how can you expect them to listen? A major aspect of system maintenance is making sure your content message is fresh and on point. This is a consistent area of maintenance and is the most crucial when it comes to attention. 

Neglecting to implement an actionable content strategy is a big mistake. You can have the most impressive, technologically advanced solution from the hardware and software standpoints, but if you’re displaying dated content, your network won’t help you meet the original goals of the project. Create and curate content that will entertain, inform and engage your audience. 

Like any valued tool you purchase for your business, it’s in your best interest, financially, to extend the life cycle of the investment. Practicing consistent maintenance ensures you aren’t wasting precious budget on an ineffective message.

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