Top Digital Signage Apps for the Healthcare Industry

Digital signage in the healthcare industry goes beyond keeping patients entertained in waiting areas. In this article, you’ll learn more about the innovative ways in which healthcare digital signage can be used to promote fitness among hospital staff, recognize stakeholder donations and improve the overall patient experience.

Wellness Watcher*

It’s difficult for Human Resources (HR) to encourage employees to participate in corporate activities in the first place, let alone keep them continuously engaged. Because of this, HR finds it very challenging to launch highly interactive and successful campaigns, especially those related to health and wellness. Fortunately, digital signage can change that. One study suggests that at least 54 percent of employees are more willing to complete tasks if playful elements are incorporated. Another 30 percent said that given an array of benefits, fitness and wellness would be at the top of their list.

Innovative companies also started to realize the value of merging the principles of gamification and digital signage apps to stimulate active employee participation. By launching fitness competitions with various prizes at stake, digital signage in the healthcare industry can be used to engage a workforce through fun competitions that promote wellness. The Wellness Watcher app, designed to interact with Fitbit® data, pulls employees' mileage and caloric expenditure data and displays it in a ranked list alongside a photo of the participant, making fitness fun.

Healthcare Donor Board

Hospital donors are crucial to preserving an institution’s legacy of service. Through contributions, hospitals can extend their traditions and values and continue with their mission and commitment to serve the community.  One hospital fundraising best practice involves recognizing, acknowledging and showing gratitude to donors, leaving them fulfilled. By maintaining this good relationship, healthcare institutions can expect continuous support that’s crucial in sustaining successful fundraising programs.

Digital signage apps such as Four Winds Interactive’s (FWI) Healthcare Donor Board app, lets you easily recognize key donors while also delivering information about additional ways to give. Plus, it can dynamically display upcoming events and provide access to volunteer opportunities and other community engagement initiatives.

Digital signage in the healthcare industry is also a good way to focus on hospital beneficiaries, showing their stories and how the donors have helped them. This is a good way to create a “heritage society,” where testimonials from both donors and recipients are displayed on healthcare digital signage to not only show where the contributions are going but to serve as an inspiration for other people to give or participate in hospital activities.

Interactive Directory 

Healthcare digital signage can also be used for interactive directories, giving patients the ability to search by physician, department, specialty or amenity. FWI’s intuitive and searchable Interactive Directory application makes it easy for any employee or visitor to find or contact a member of your workforce. This digital signage app is extremely beneficial in doctors’ offices and hospitals.

Digital signage apps, such as FWI’s interactive directory, are also very user-friendly, as they can be configured to provide a multi-level and 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional view of a building or facility. This provides patients with good spatial orientation and demonstrates a good reference point of one’s current position and where they’re heading. When integrated with a wayfinding application, healthcare digital signage directories can also display turn-by-turn instructions that guide people until they reach their destination.


Since wayfinding effectively guides patients and employees and allows them to navigate unfamiliar settings, it’s the perfect application for large facilities. Here’s more information about wayfinding:

  • Digital signage apps such as interactive wayfinding can be rendered in both 3D and 2D configurations. These are perfect for multi-floor and multi-building properties and provide point-by-point directions, animated pathways and written directions.
  • Dynamic wayfinding, on the other hand, gives the most value for large properties where people aren’t likely to return to a lobby for directions. Ideal for hospital facilities, dynamic wayfinding makes it easy to see events on the map as they transpire. As events change, the directory and its map beacons automatically change as well.
  • Static wayfinding can be deployed at key intersections and convergent points of hospitals. This type of digital signage shows directional arrows and property maps with current location indicators.
  • Finally, mobile wayfinding is a more innovative implementation of digital signage in the healthcare industry and helps patients and employees navigate the hospital facility through the convenience of their mobile phones. This healthcare digital signage, also provided by FWI, has two options:

        o   Directions can be sent directly to the mobile phones of patients and gives point-by-                     point directions

       o    Hospitals can choose to have their own custom made native mobile application for a                  more enhanced user experience

As you can see, there are various ways to utilize digital signage in the healthcare industry that goes beyond infotainment.

* Fitbit is a registered trademark or trademark of Fitbit, Inc. in the United States and certain other countries. A list of Fitbit trademarks can be found at The Wellness Watcher application is designed for use with the Fitbit platform. This application is not authored by Fitbit, and Fitbit does not service or warrant the functionality of this application.

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