Top Digital Signage Solutions for Corporate Lobbies

Often, a company’s corporate lobby is their first chance to make a good impression on visitors and potential clients. Depending on the ambiance and décor, a lobby can be inviting, interactive, technologically advanced or intimidating. In today’s competitive market, companies are always trying to find new ways to convert visitors into brand ambassadors, advocates and customers. To create truly engaging, useful and informative corporate lobby experiences, companies around the world are turning to digital signage. From Wow Walls to interactive directories, here are a few ways you can transform your corporate lobby into something you can be proud of.

Wow Walls

First impressions are very important for a corporate lobby, as it sets the tone for the rest of the visit. Companies can use corporate digital signage in the form of Wow Walls, or video walls designed to promote their brand and inform visitors about products and core values. In this way, the corporate lobby becomes a good place to showcase your brand’s differentiating factors in the most impactful easy way—as soon as visitors enter your office. A good way to use corporate digital signage in the form of Wow Walls is to present branded welcome messages and custom graphics that welcome important visitors. Use Four Winds Interactive’s (FWI) Content Manager Desktop (CMD), Content Player and LCD panels for effective content delivery and seamless image display.

CMD, part of FWI’s Visual Communications Cloud, is a simple and easy to use drag-and-drop solution that enables companies to manage dynamic corporate digital signage content. Once the content is created, FWI’s Content Player beautifully and seamlessly displays the finished product through large LCD or LED displays. Wow Walls can also be used to display social media feeds, upcoming events and new product releases. This makes the corporate lobby more personal, as it shows actual customer interactions as well as events and products intended to solve a problem experienced by a specific buyer persona.

About Us Boards 

Another good way to utilize corporate digital signage is through About Us Boards, or interactive kiosks that display the company’s history, mission statement and products. Showcasing the history of a business in a lobby instills a sense of identity and purpose, thereby communicating goals that will resonate with visitors. Narratives about the company’s history can be a rich explanatory tool intended to motivate not only visitors but employees, too.

Just like the Wow Walls, About Us Boards utilize the same FWI technology stack. Aside from the CMD and Content Player software, FWI’s Integration Framework can also be used to directly hook up the About Us Boards through an application programming interface (API). This approach allows companies to leverage data from a common database, streamlining the content creation process. These interactive solutions also provide more depth to a company’s lobby experience because they allow visitors to explore a curated mix of company history and product offerings. 

Interactive Directories

An interactive directory in a corporate lobby is a sure way to enhance the visitor experience, as nothing frustrates visitors more than not knowing where to go. Interactive directories, when strategically placed in lobbies, can promote self-service, reducing the amount of time visitors spend trying to figure out where to go. By searching an interactive directory instead of a static list, visitors can filter names from the company’s large database, and organize search results either alphabetically or by department. Interactive directories, when coupled with wayfinding solutions, can provide visitors with step-by-step instructions to the room or facility they’re looking for.

FWI’s wayfinding solutions use the latest technology in 2D and 3D mapping, making it easy for visitors to visualize where they’re going. FWI’s wayfinding technology is highly customizable and includes event-schedule integrations, something that’s especially helpful when hosting large events and conventions. Visitors can even receive directions on their mobile devices via email, SMS or a QR code

When using digital signage in corporate lobbies, it is very important to design your solution to meet the needs of your visitors. In doing so, your Wow Walls, About Us boards and interactive directories will have a greater impact than if you used general, untargeted content. After all, corporate lobbies are designed to be the main convergent point for new and returning visitors—shouldn’t you capitalize on that opportunity and showcase your organization in the most memorable, immersive and visually engaging way possible?

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