Use Digital Signage to Boost Brand Advocacy

Brand advocacy starts with customer loyalty. And customer loyalty is becoming harder to attain. There are always new products and companies cropping up that seek to steal market share—and they’re getting pretty good at it. It’s almost like you need a hook, something to grab and hold a customer’s attention before you can gain their loyalty and convert them into a brand advocate.

This is where digital signage comes into play. If the basic purpose of a sign is to convey a message, then digital signage is screaming “look at me, look at me!” Your customers are communicating in a virtual environment, so it only makes sense that you send them messages in their preferred medium. In fact, by 2018, digital signage is projected to be a $23 billion-dollar industry, so it's best to start incorporating it into your communications strategy now.

Not only can digital signage be used to grab your customer’s attention, it can be used to convert them into brand advocates or evangelists. Like any successful marketing campaign, there's a science to engaging people with digital signage. Here are a few easy ways to establish loyalty and boost brand advocacy with digital signage:

Killer content

This is a given, but it still bears repeating. Content that contributes to brand loyalty is authentic and highly personable. Ironically, as the world grows bigger, consumers are expecting increasingly tailored experiences. This is much easier to achieve with interactive content on digital displays, rather than static signage.

Creating engaging digital signage content starts with thought leadership. Focus on the bigger picture, rather than spotlighting your own products. Address a pain point or find some way to add value for the customer. This is what changes your digital signage content from a simple, forgettable message into an experience your customers will remember.

Establishing context

In addition to delivering great content, digital signage can establish the kind of context necessary to develop a positive brand experience. While the content is responsible for delivering the information, the context is what makes your signage effective. Fonts and graphics, language and placement—even the time of day—all play a role in creating brand loyalty.

Enhancing experience

Any time you create value in the everyday lives of consumers, you are attaching your name to a positive memory. Everyone can read a static, traditional print sign in a few seconds, but digital signage can keep you entertained for much longer, and at just the right times.

Raising awareness

Digital signage is engaging, and being engaged means you are hyper-aware. Thus, it only makes sense that incorporating digital displays in your marketing strategy increases overall brand awareness. According to a recent survey by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), 55% of consumers who passed a digital billboard could recall the message that was displayed.

Digital displays tend to have a lasting effect on consumers, as well. A 2010 study by Nielsen on the effectiveness of point-of-sale digital advertising showed a 31% increase in brand awareness in customers that viewed an ad while checking out. Static signs typically peak on their first day, whereas digital signs are shown to remain consistently engaging to consumers.

Digital signage is a smart and efficient way to facilitate trust and generate goodwill. When used in the right context, with the right content, digital displays can be highly effective. They can help create a customer experience that raises brand awareness and motivates people to talk about your company in a positive light.

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