Using Digital Signage to Improve the Corporate Lobby Experience

Each day, corporate lobbies around the country host thousands of guests—customers, vendors, applicants, even friends and family. Whether they read a magazine, glue their eyes to the television or spend time playing games on their phones, each of your guests is bound to spend a few minutes waiting in the reception area. With digital signage, you can transform this space from an ordinary reception area into a corporate lobby experience that strengthens your brand’s message and improves your guests’ experience. By leveraging corporate digital signage technology such as video walls, interactive directories and wayfinding solutions, you can impress your guests, regardless of their reason for visiting.

Video Walls 

Video walls are the perfect way to liven up any reception area. Sometimes referred to as “wow walls,” these installations can be used to showcase a variety of content, including social media feeds, custom motion graphics, branded welcome messages, upcoming events and new product releases—and the results can be impressive. When Daimler Trucks North America installed a 59-screen, 110-foot video wall that stretched from the reception area to their conference center, they used these walls to showcase their company’s history and a timeline of product innovations.

Even better, video wall content can be easily customized and changed as needed by using the functionality built into Content Manager Web and Content Manager Desktop. These feature-rich software interfaces support content editing and management needs, allowing users to arrange, scale, zoom, crop or layer content. And with advanced scheduling features, targeted content can be played when important visitors or clients arrive at your office.

Wayfinding Solutions 

An interactive wayfinding solution is another sure way to create a good visitor experience. MGM Resorts International understood this when they contracted FWI to implement digital signage throughout its Las Vegas properties. As a part of this initiative, MGM implemented FWI’s wayfinding solutions—a combination of interactive maps that enable visitors to easily explore the facility from the comfort of the reception area as well as static and dynamic wayfinding applications to round out the guest experience. This FWI technology can render both 2D and 3D maps with either static or dynamic user interfaces. Our wayfinding solutions even have the capability to send a link of turn-by- turn instructions to visitors’ mobile phones.

Imagine a reception area where clients can use wayfinding kiosks to find the exact building, floor and room where a product demo or meeting is scheduled. Once they find the location, the kiosk will display a 3-D map of the buildings and floors, showing the exact steps the visitor has to take. Those concerned about forgetting the steps can even enter their email or mobile number, so the same rich instructions can be sent to their phone. While this may seem like a scene from a movie set in the distant future, FWI can help make it a reality, just like we’ve done for MGM, Daimler and countless other clients.

Interactive Directory

To complete the corporate lobby experience, many companies choose to include an interactive directory in their lobbies. These full-service, comprehensive solutions allow visitors to contact employees or specific departments, explore local dining options, view upcoming events and more. By combining Directories and wayfinding applications, you can help visitors navigate your building by providing pathways to different departments, employees or conference rooms, effectively cutting down on the number of visitors waiting in line to speak with the receptionist

Plus, with digital signage interactive directories you can raise your building’s profile without exhausting your resources. All too often, facility managers struggle to keep their traditional directories updated and attractive. Fortunately, digital building directories can help solve this dilemma. With digital signage, you can tailor your message down to the hour, and can do so at a fraction of the cost of updating other directories.

The lobby isn’t just a space where visitors wait—it’s your chance to make a good first impression. A reception area that evokes a sense of accessibility and openness can impact how customers, vendors, applicants view your organization. Beyond its intrinsic benefits, using digital signage in the form of video walls, wayfinding solutions and interactive directories can help increase efficiency and promote visitor self-service. When tightly integrated with the company’s corporate communications, marketing efforts and human resources initiatives, digital signage can be an effective tool to help reach organizational objectives, which benefits pretty much everyone involved.

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