What’s on the Horizon for HR Professionals?

Want to Improve Your Company’s Performance? Start with Employee Success.

Great talent leaders are often cited for upholding their organization’s values; for being a champion of the workforce; and for recruiting new employees. Most aren’t traditionally known for their technological expertise. But in today’s world, recruiting the best talent while also keeping everyone engaged and productive is imperative, and technology is playing an increasingly critical role in the HR practice.

According to Gartner, office space is increasingly being used to drive cultural change, attract talent, drive innovation and improve productivity, requiring CIOs to adjust their approach to the workspace. (Gartner, The Rebirth of Office Space: What Every CIO Needs to Know and Do, March 2, 2016)

It’s impossible to overlook the systemic changes in business culture that have taken place over the last few years. Hierarchal demarcation lines are fading into obscurity. Information now flows from the person who needs it directly from the person that has it. Transparency reigns supreme. Empowered employees eagerly blend their personal and professional lives together. And it’s all being driven by consumer-like technology.

So, what does the not-so-distant future hold? Are there technological advances on the horizon that can give talent leaders an edge? Yes.

That's why we're launching a series of blog posts to explore those questions, taking a close look at the key phases of the employee lifecycle:

•    Recruitment

•    On-Boarding

•    Employee Engagement

•    Talent Management & Up-Skilling

In the second post of this five-part series, we'll explore the future of recruitment.

The Future of Onboarding
The Future of Onboarding

If onboarding was more intuitive and personal, would your organization benefit? Absolutely.

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