Why Are Commercial Builders Requesting Digital Signage?

Visual Communications is quickly becoming a standard in new and remodeled buildings as contractors are insisting that commercial digital signage be included in their plans. Whether it's a corporate office, healthcare facility or a convention center, properly scoping digital signage into the design is important.

Commercial Digital Signage                                                                                                                

With commercial digital signage, branding information and communication can be delivered wherever visitors and employees linger. Including digital signage in commercial buildings delivers engaging content that captures attention and maximizes brand impact. The following are some common commercial buildings where signage is used:

Commercial Interactive Directories 

Interactive directories are incredibly useful in commercial buildings. The primary goal for this type of digital signage application is to optimize impact while driving traffic. These comprehensive and full-service solutions enable visitors to perform activities like:

  • Contact specific companies, departments or employees
  • Explore local dining options and amenities
  • View upcoming events and announcements
  • Wayfinding and navigation
  • Emergency messaging
  • Research traffic, public transportation, news and weather

The most important part of the interactive directory is to help visitors navigate pathways to connect with various places and people in the building. Additionally, you can create an "About Us" options to give visitors a chance to explore the organization's history, products, mission statement and other detailed information.

Directories for commercial and corporate properties empower visitors to learn everything about what sets your brand apart, in one interactive space. When you decide to implement your directory, be sure to include:

  • A list of individuals in the building
  • A list of companies
  • Name search functionality
  • Facility information
  • Leasing and management information
  • Maps
  • Date and Time
  • Scrolling welcome messages

There are many use cases to be stated for this type of digital signage and the ways in which it can benefit a business are countless.

Commercial builders that scope digital signage into new facilities can also install it as a means to facilitate property management. Professional digital directory systems can be accessed and managed remotely to reflect real-time information for specific visitors.

Names, listings, descriptions, images and other updates can happen on-the-fly as sales and leasing information changes. Property managers can also use the directory as a tool to drive traffic and sales within the building.

Many commercial buildings experience heavy foot traffic, and often, people aren’t aware of what amenities the building has. Including an intuitive digital signage platform in commercial buildings can remedy that. Visitors can quickly learn about every available dining or service option in your building. Plus, the building’s management can sell advertising space on any of their screens, maximizing ROI for the Visual Communications network.

Commercial digital signage is not only a lucrative venture for developers, but it is an incredibly convenient way for in-house companies to dispense information. Builders should consider this type of technology in the early stages of the project so they can construct environments that best house the chosen displays. This type of technology is consistently requested in the early stages of development because it adds to the value, aesthetics and convenience of the architecture itself while helping to grow the companies it houses. 

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