Why Your College Campus Needs Digital Signage

Even top universities suffer from lack of student and faculty engagement, fragmented communication channels and inconsistent information. A typical college campus consists of content bombardment–flyers, posters, social media posts and videos that students, faculty, staff and visitors treat as noise. Unfortunately, only a few campuses realize the lost potential of this divided and unstructured information dissemination approach. When designed to follow a more targeted communications strategy, universities can improve engagement, promote leadership and make things more efficient. Digital school signs play a significant role in building a more strategic campus communications approach. Let’s explore how.

Meet the demands of digital natives

The students of today are characterized by their need for immediate feedback. This team-oriented nature of Millennial students requires a more collaborative, cooperative and interactive learning structure that creates opportunities both in and outside of the classroom. Since technology is second nature to digital natives, digital signage is a perfect way to facilitate discussions among their peers and professors, creating a more conducive learning environment.

Digital school signs utilized as digital bulletin boards are a perfect way to make this happen. Four Winds Interactive’s (FWI) SocialSnap can integrate with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to enable students to interact with their peers, faculty and staff in a way that makes sense to them. FWI’s Readerboard is perfect for promoting events and displaying campus news and vital daily information such as the current date and the weather. Digital school signs can also enhance student communication by functioning as Menu Boards. Healthy culinary treats with nutritional information can be quickly posted and updated in the school cafeteria, encouraging students to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Transform the learning experience

Digital school signs in classrooms can also be used to create variation in professors’ teaching approaches. With students’ high affiliation towards technology, information is always at their disposal. Internet, laptops, mobile phones and tablets allow students to search and learn anything they want at their own pace. As such, professors can use digital signage to take advantage of this pattern of student communication in order to make learning more engaging, timely and useful. 

Digital school signs can also enhance student communication when they’re used for announcing class-related information such as exam schedules, the release of grades, and class cancellations. At the same time, digital signage can also help improve faculty communication by making information dissemination centralized and timely.

Generate revenue and enhance operations 

Digital school signs are not just limited to students and faculty members. University staff can also utilize digital signage to their benefit by using it for advertising, to show upcoming events, live broadcast important events and even transform it to an emergency alert and safety tool, if the need ever arises.

Digital school signs are good advertising tools to promote establishments around campus. With FWI’s Content Player templates, digital screens can be optimized to include sections for paid advertising. These advertisements can also be scheduled to show at a particular time of the day, further maximizing their impact. FWI’s Activities Calendar and Countdown Clock applications are perfect for not only showing upcoming events but also building anticipation for major school events. The Activities Calendar can sync with the university’s Outlook or Google Calendar to keep the information up-to-date.

Digital school signs can also be used as an emergency notification tool. FWI’s Emergency Messaging application can immediately alert the campus of a pending or ongoing disaster and advise which way to go for shelter, first aid and help.

Engage visitors

Beyond enhancing student communication, digital school signs can be used to improve visitor engagement. FWI’s Wayfinding, Interactive Directory and Guest/Visitor app can be used to maximize the benefits of your digital signage. When visitors arrive on the campus, they want to know how to reach their destination. FWI’s Mobile Wayfinding solution can provide users with an interactive map to search for their target location and animated route paths, complete with turn-by-turn instructions that can be sent to their tablet or mobile device. At the same time, these digital school signs can be used to look up faculty and staff, making it easy to find and locate anyone on campus.

Digital school signs can help improve communication with students, faculty, staff and visitors by improving engagement, promoting leadership and making things more efficient. Don’t put great content and information to waste—take advantage digital signage today to optimize communications across your entire campus.

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