From Strategy to Reality

It’s not enough to wish for success. You have to plan for it. After all, a goal without a plan is just a wish, as the saying goes.So how do you turn your wish into a plan that yields a specific result? At FWI, we start by reverse engineering our goals so we can develop detailed, measurable strategies to keep us focused and continually working toward our Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal.

Like most companies, we have a BHAG, and ours is to make sure each of our 6,000+ customers is successful with Visual Communications. Does that sound bold? Or unattainable? Or too broad? You might be right. It doesn’t include the how—or specific strategy—which is critical to achieving your desired result. 

That’s why every year we create a Strategy Map, or “Strat Map,” to help distill our business strategy into a simple format that can be easily communicated, consumed and ultimately executed. We identify a Single Common Goal each year, which keeps us on track and continually moving closer to our BHAG. We create initiatives around our people, products, and customer interactions. We also have metrics in place to ensure we follow through, or can quickly pinpoint where we need to make improvements.

We leverage our Visual Communications network to disseminate the information company-wide: our “Strat Map”and associated initiatives are displayed on the screens in our office, as well as on our FWI mobile app throughout the year, all running on the FWI platform. This helps our team know where we stand against our goals, and what they can do to help us get there.

We want all our employees to be fully aware of and invested in the plan because we know that if we build a strong, specific business strategy that the results—a truly satisfied customer base—will come. 

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