How to Use Digital Signage in Every Industry (Part 2)

Digital signage is an applicable technology for almost every industry, yet the number one question many organizations have is how to use digital signage within their industry. Visual Communications is a flexible technology and there are ways to integrate it within every form of business.

Digital signage use cases change in every industry but there are some common themes and technology that are practiced across multiple business sectors. The following are tips for using digital signage in the following industries: corporate enterprise, education, entertainment and hotels.


Corporate facilities can utilize digital signage in a multitude of ways, from administration services to a virtual navigator, the opportunities to employ the technology are only limited to the needs of the corporate facility. Here are some common means of facilitating digital signage in the corporate sector:

Corporate digital signage drives the customer and employee experience and creates a universally managed communication network that streamlines daily operations. Corporate digital signage is now even being installed during building construction as it is becoming an integral part of daily corporate operations.


Digital signage in schools encourages innovation and creativity through interactive displays, easy navigation and informational content. It is one of the most useful technologies ever introduced to this business sector and continues to evolve with student and staff needs. Here are some ways in which digital signage for education can be used on campus:

Once a digital signage system has been established, the school can begin collecting metrics to determine its effectiveness and tweak the system accordingly. Student input is always a great method to determine the success of a system on campus.


Digital signage was designed for entertainment value. This is part of the main attraction to the technology. When it comes to deploying Visual Communications in the entertainment sector, a business is only limited by their imagination. From small and personal kiosks to large video walls, the following are just a few ways digital signage is being used in the entertainment industry:

The hardware and software available for entertainment digital signage is relatively flexible. The most popular forms of signage in the entertainment industry are video walls for engagement and interactive kiosks for customer convenience.


Digital signage lets hotels provide their guests with a better overall experience. The hotel industry receives many advantages from digital signage because of all the roles that it can fill. The following are some ways in which digital signage for hotels is currently being used:

A hotel with a robust digital signage system can accommodate guests immediately on a variety of levels.

It’s evident that digital signage is applicable across a variety of business sectors because it is flexible, adaptable and constantly evolving within each industry. For business owners, the question should never be how to use digital signage within their company, but when they can get started.

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