How to Use Social Media With Digital Displays

The digital world is a catalyst for collaboration. Savvy, modern companies integrate different types of media to improve their reach within their target markets. And social media is key in those efforts. In fact, multiple social media feeds can (and should) be integrated into your digital content strategy and displayed prominently on your screens. Social media marketing and digital signage are similar platforms in the sense that they both provide dynamic information in real-time. Integrating social feeds into digital signage just makes sense.

According to a 2016 study by the Pew Research Center, from the 86% of Americans who use the internet, 79% of those people are logged into Facebook, 32% are using Instagram, 31% are on LinkedIn and 24% use Twitter. 

Considering those statistics, the following are some of the best practices for integrating social media into your signs:

The Audience—When creating a message, consider your customers. This should be easy if you already have a social media marketing plan in place. The different channels your business operates in can sometimes define who you're talking to—and how you should be talking to them.

The Language—Twitter and Instagram are ideal for hashtags, and LinkedIn recently changed their policy to now allow hashtags as well. Knowing the preferred way to communicate on each channel ensures that when you integrate those feeds into your signs, you’re reaching your audience with the right types of messages.

Displays—There are also a variety of ways in which you can display your social media content on your digital signage. The following are just a few different ideas:

  • Streams: A continuous flow of one social platform, like your Twitter feed.
  • Collages: Multiple social feeds displayed on 1 screen.
  • Multi-channel: A variety of social networks (including influencers) looping through continuously.

Content Management Systems—When choosing a content management system, make sure it has powerful integrations, so you can easily display the content most important to you.

Moderated Streams—Ensure you’ve got a way to moderate the content posted to your screens. Inviting your audience into the conversation, and showcasing those posts on your screens is a powerful tool, but it’s important to guarantee that inappropriate posts are filtered out.

Configurable apps—Integrating social media into your digital signage is a much easier task with access to pre-built, configurable apps.

Remember, leveraging social media on your digital displays is all about your target audience. When you let them interact with your company the way they interact with each other, you narrow the gap between your brand and your audience.

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