Learn how to Avoid Meeting Room Management Nightmares

Why Your Company Needs FWI® BOOKED™

Meetings at work are a fact of life. Depending on your job, you may have to sit through several meetings a week. Most employees–and even the managers who are tasked with planning and running the meetings–simply try to get through them. Managing conference space can also be difficult and time-consuming. One study showed that some employees spend up to 5 hours a week arranging and preparing for meetings. That’s a lot of lost time that could be spent on more important and productive tasks. Things can become more complicated–and even embarrassing–when scheduling mistakes occur, and you end up without a meeting room at all. FWI BOOKED is an innovative tool that can help businesses get a handle on conference space management and stop meeting room snafus.

It’s easy for mistakes to happen when it comes to booking conference space in an office or large building. Two groups can somehow end up booking the same room. Because the information isn't readily available,  you may not know the room you reserved doesn't have the equipment you need. Or, there’s always that manager, co-worker or client who keeps canceling or moving a meeting as well.

If you don’t have a centralized conference booking system, it can cause a lot of frustration and errors, including:

  • Difficulty managing the meeting space calendar
  • Overbooking rooms
  • Lost reservations
  • Unused or wasted meeting space
  • Difficulty updating or changing meeting time and place
  • The hassle of informing participants of changes in dates or times of meetings

At the same time, infective use of meeting spaces can cost companies a lot of money. FWI BOOKED makes it easier to manage meeting space by improving and streamlining the booking process.


FWI BOOKED is an interactive meeting room reservation solution. It uses Four Winds Interactive’s (FWI) Visual Communication platform and can integrate with most meeting room scheduling systems. This system can help your company reduce booking errors. And with built-in LED lights, It also clearly shows everyone the availability of conference rooms with just a glance—red is unavailable and green is open. Plus, as meetings get canceled or re-scheduled, the meeting room signs update in real-time, ensuring your meeting spaces get used efficiently.  

We all know meetings get canceled or the time gets moved due to a conflict. Sometimes, technical difficulties arise, which means a meeting must suddenly relocate to another conference room. With FWI BOOKED, you’ll be able to immediately see which rooms are available and make a new reservation, quickly and easily.

FWI BOOKED features:

  • Built-in integrations for popular calendar systems, including Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Google, Calendar, Series25 and Dean Evans
  • The ability to make room reservations from a computer or directly on the digital conference signage
  • Color-changing LED lights automatically switch colors, indicating room availability
  • Built-in analytics, letting you find out which rooms get the most use

Maximize the Impact of FWI BOOKED

FWI BOOKED has an optional application that can enhance meeting room management even more:

Open Meeting Rooms Application–Choose to leverage the optional Open Meeting Rooms app in your common areas to provide a real-time overview of every available room in your building.

FWI BOOKED Includes:

  • Windows or Android Hardware with mounting options for wall or glass surfaces
  • Integration Framework adapters to communicate with your current scheduling software
  • Cloud-hosted infrastructure
  • Unlimited access to FWI Templates, apps, backgrounds and other content items in the FWI Store
  • Focused training and onboarding services
  • Media player configuration
  • Access to training documentation, video tutorials and other educational information

FWI BOOKED is a powerful tool that can help you more easily and efficiently manage conference space, make reservations and eliminate snafus that can derail a meeting or presentation. Contact FWI today to talk about your digital signage options.

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