Top Digital Signage Applications for College Campuses

Let’s face it. Campus-wide communication can be tough. Campuses are massive, students have increasingly short attention spans and faculty members are busy. Needless to say, keeping everyone on the same page can be a constant challenge. But rather than taking the old-school approach of using SMS and email like many universities do, schools should opt to incorporate campus-wide digital signage applications to help students and staff stay informed.

Why Choose Digital Signage?

The reasons for doing so are simple. First and foremost, today’s students are digital natives. Universities who choose not to implement digital signage for schools are missing an opportunity to speak to students in their native language of interactive content and constant connectivity. Second, a schoolwide Visual Communications network will allow students to navigate your campus with ease, which leads to fewer students being late and, in turn, fewer classroom disruptions. And finally, digital signage applications for schools can be used to drive student involvement in campus events and organizations, keep people aware of any campus emergencies and help promote your campus’ values.

Nowadays, there are no excuses for overwhelming your students with unnecessary information. It is time to modernize. With digital signage applications for schools, it’s easier than ever to get relevant information to your staff, students and visitors—when and where they need it. Here are the 10 best purpose-built digital signage applications for your university, all included in FWI® CAMPUS™:

Student Lounge

Connecting with ever-distracted students is a common challenge in schools. Student Lounge, a pre-built solution, solves this by displaying relevant information in areas where students frequently gather. By displaying important information including registrar info, upcoming events and campus news, you can promote student engagement and foster an inclusive campus community.

Classroom Signs

With digital signs outside each classroom, you can help students avoid walking into the wrong class by prominently displaying the class number, upcoming classes and any scheduled class changes or cancellations.

Donor Board 

Prominent university donors typically don’t get the love they deserve—often relegated to plaques or framed pictures. FWI’s Donor Board is a purpose-built app that allows donors and their bios to be displayed on high-definition, interactive touchscreens across your campus. On top of this, your Donor Board can boost donations by highlighting additional ways to give.

Faculty Communication 

A university staff has a lot of moving parts, from the janitors to the professors to human resources and the Dean. So, it should come as no surprise that keeping them all on the same wavelength can be a tall order. FWI’s Faculty Communication makes the task infinitely more achievable. You can display internal news, departmental information, recognize employee birthdays and anniversaries and much more—all where your staff will surely see it.

Student Communication

Students are creatures of the digital age and, in turn, expect to consume information when and where they want it. By using FWI’s Visual Communications network you can bring pertinent information to your student body without overloading them with superfluous content. And what’s more, utilizing interactive screens to showcase event listings, volunteer opportunities and other campus activities is a great way to boost student participation.


Most campuses these days are massive and finding your way around can be difficult. But thanks to FWI’s wayfinding app, students, staff and visitors should have no problem finding their way around your campus—no matter the size. Intuitive features like turn-by-turn directions, images and descriptions of the destination, a list of each campus building and faculty and staff listings make it a cinch.

Meeting Room Management 

FWI BOOKED, an all-in-one meeting room management solution, is a powerful multi-industry product included in CAMPUS. BOOKED allows you to indicate which conference or study rooms are currently available using LED lights, book meetings directly through the screen, view meeting schedules and display all available rooms on campus.


Millennials and Gen X seemingly live on social media. Universities, however, routinely fail to make social media an integral part of how they communicate with their student body. With SocialSnap, you can integrate your campus communications with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as well as display content from your campus’ existing social media accounts through your school’s digital signage.

Social Media Dashboard 

If SocialSnap wasn’t enough, the Social Dashboard app lets you showcase social media posts, display reactions to those posts and highlight content contributors across your Visual Communications network. Using SocialSnap and Social Dashboard in combination is a great way to keep students in-the-know.

Emergency Messaging

From gas leaks to fires and other campus emergencies, it is absolutely paramount to inform students about emergencies as fast as possible. Every second counts. With CAMPUS, you can disseminate critical information quickly by deploying content manually or automatically through an integration with your emergency messaging system. FWI CAMPUS comes with pre-built, configurable content specifically designed for a host of emergency situations.

Universities around the world are already taking advantage of the numerous benefits of digital signage for schools. In fact, Four Winds Interactive (FWI) and West Virginia University (WVU) teamed up to install a 140-screen Visual Communications network to manage their Morgantown campus of over 28,000 students. The FWI platform on WVU’s campus consisted of general information stations, departmental signage, wayfinding stations, interactive donor walls and much more. The result? A more engaged and connected student body and faculty that has led WVU to continue expanding its digital signage capabilities each year since.

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