Using Digital Signage to Create a More Collaborative Workforce

Collaboration in the workplace is a direct result of an effective knowledge management strategy. However, many companies focus so much on the process side of things that they forget to leverage the knowledge and experience of the subject matter experts (SMEs) located in their own office. In fact, there are only a handful of companies who truly take advantage of the experience, skills and knowledge of their workforce. 

Fortunately, digital signage is a tool that can help companies take advantage of this knowledge by enhancing workplace collaboration. With digital signage, operations, facilities management, marketing and sales can be improved. But digital signage can also be used to create an open work environment with increased transparency and trust.


Collaboration in the workplace is essential for efficiency. With digital signage, it’s easy to display real-time data such as key performance indicators, call queues, the number of open support tickets and more. This type of information can be used in data-driven decision management (DDDM), paving the way for value-driven decision making. By utilizing real-time and verifiable data, businesses can gain a competitive advantage, with some companies reporting 4% higher productivity rates and 6% higher profits

With Four Winds Interactive's (FWI) KPI Metrics and KPI Productivity Boards, you can display real-time data with multiple configuration options, giving teams a competitive advantage. Since data-driven decisions require the involvement of various people in the company, workplace collaboration is automatically enhanced.

Internal Communication

Promoting business goals and objectives on a regular basis is fundamental when trying to increase collaboration in the workplace. Digital signage can act as a useful motivational tool to promote the importance of teamwork, regular communication, transparency and innovation. Digital signage can also be used to recognize employees who played a significant role in reaching the company’s objectives. In doing so, employees will be more inspired to do their jobs and will be more likely to work together to do so. FWI’s Job Promotions, Years of Service, Salesperson Leaderboard and Motivational Poster apps are only a few of the ready-made and easy-to-use FWI apps that businesses of all sizes can leverage.

High Traffic Areas

Companies can enhance collaboration in the workplace by placing digital signage in high traffic areas. A perfect way to strengthen internal communications, digital signage can be used to play information that employees may find useful such as updated company policies, upcoming events, sales targets for the month, safety and emergency information and even recognizing top performing employees. In doing so, HR can show that management is transparent, encourages employee participation, values employee welfare and appreciates all the hard work that is instrumental to the company’s success.

Lobbies and Waiting Areas 

Beyond internal workplace collaboration, placing digital signage in waiting areas and lobbies is a good way to promote self-service, effectively reducing the workload of the front desk staff and enabling them to focus on more important tasks. Companies can increase visitor satisfaction by placing wayfinding kiosks in lobbies and displaying real-time data such as the company’s stock information, news, local weather and sports on digital displays. Not only is displaying corporate information in waiting areas and lobbies pleasing to the eye, but it’s a good way to share your company’s culture and values with visitors.

When used as a content-focused application that displays real-time, up-to-date and reliable data from existing enterprise systems, digital signage can help companies roll out an effective knowledge management strategy without the need for substantial capital investments.

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