Honor Society is Building a Brand Through Visual Communications

Although Honor Society’s primary focus is on quickly crafting delicious, locally sourced and nutrient dense meals for their guests, their aspirations extend beyond those of a typical restaurant. The founders of Honor Society believe that the health of the community and environment are just as important as healthy, craveable food. Their values can be seen and felt in everything they do.

They are one of the first LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) restaurants in Denver to receive a Platinum Status from the U.S. Green Building Council. They also nurture partnerships with local vendors and invest in local charities. From employee focused educational programs through community garden initiatives and race sponsorships, Honor Society strives to positively impact as many aspects of their environment as possible. They are a place where guests initially come for the food, stay longer because of the atmosphere, and come back more frequently once they realize the restaurant they love truly cares about the community.

  • 3,300
    Square Feet

  • 8

  • 1x3
    Video Wall

The Challenge

Honor Society has a lot of information to share with guests.

From the host of community outreach programs through seasonal menu changes and special announcements, there is always something to share. The restaurant’s relaxed atmosphere was carefully curated, and features natural elements throughout the space. The resulting ambiance has a level of clean simplicity that immediately differentiates Honor Society from other restaurants.

In order to effectively share the community initiatives and other information with guests without detracting from the overall experience, communications had to be elevated. They needed to blend into the environment as well as be dynamic, visually engaging and stay true to the brand. The traditional means of communicating to guests simply didn’t fit the aesthetic.

What Needed To Be Done

  • 01
    Blend Visual Communications into the aesthetic


  • 02
    Reinforce brand values


  • 03
    Provide an easy, unobtrusive way to engage guests


The Solution

They wanted something streamlined that also offered flexibility and scalability.

Honor Society explored numerous options before selecting FWI’s Visual Communications platform because it offered exactly that, and more. The long-term support agreements combined with purpose-built digital signage for restaurants which includes the simple user interface and the availability of customizable apps made FWI the obvious choice.

Using custom wood frames, Honor Society was able to seamlessly integrate digital content in a way that compliments the restaurant’s aesthetic. Menu updates, announcements and brand messages are displayed on five screens, keeping guests engaged and informed. In addition to those content displays, there is a three-screen video wall dedicated to playing branding and various entertainment videos.

Components Used

The Results

Honor Society is building a sense of community that centers on food and expands outward to encompass so much more, and they’re using Visual Communications to help accomplish that.

From all points of the restaurant, customers are in view of at least one screen, and therefore receive a variety of carefully crafted branding messages during their dining experience. Guests have responded positively to Honor Society’s visual communications network, and participation in their various community outreach programs continues to rise.

Added Benefits

  • 01
    Build Loyalty
    Given the opportunity to absorb information about Honor Society’s various programs on their own, patrons are becoming advocates for the restaurant as well as repeat customers.

  • 02
    Increase Sales
    The relaxed atmosphere promotes longer dining times, and the ability to display appealing images improved beverage and appetizer sales.

  • 03
    Inform Guests
    Visual Communications provides a path to information that fits with the overall theme of the restaurant. It is guided discovery, packaged in an easily understandable and visually engaging format.

While guests are enjoying their meals, we actually get to continuously engage with them without doing so in an invasive way.


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