A Solid Investment—Stanford Federal Credit Union Takes Advantage of Visual Communications Management

Stanford Federal Credit Union (SFCU) was founded in 1959 on the belief that life doesn’t revolve around banking, but rather; it should revolve around the lives of the people doing the banking. Today, SFCU is a $2 billion full-service financial institution owned and operated by over 60,000 community members.

As the first financial institution to offer online banking, SFCU has a history of leveraging technology to positively impact the banking experience for its members. In July of 2015, the organization selected the Four Winds Interactive (FWI) Visual Communications platform to deliver engaging digital signage solutions in three branches.


  • 60k+

  • 5
    Locations Using Visual Communications

  • 75
    Average Content Pieces Used Each Month

The Challenge

Stanford Federal Credit Union didn't have the resources to keep their signs up-to-date.

Upon the project’s inception, the organization tasked its senior graphic designer with managing the Visual Communications network. After a short period of time, the SFCU team discovered that while the FWI platform was useful and simple, their staff didn’t have the bandwidth to take full advantage of its capabilities. Many of the software’s features remained underleveraged, updates were not made regularly and content for the network grew stale.

What Needed To Be Done

  • 01
    Ensure network optimization


  • 02
    Leverage all applicable FWI features and functionality


  • 03
    Allow SFCU employees to focus on core job responsibilities


The Solution

Visual Communications Management.

In order to optimize its investment and enable the graphic designer to focus on core job responsibilities, the organization turned to FWI Professional Services and quickly identified Visual Communications Management as the solution to its challenge. This service provides SFCU with a dedicated FWI resource that acts as an extension of the credit union’s workforce. This Visual Communications expert works to optimize every facet of the organization’s solution—including content creation, scheduling, deployment strategy, template updates and more.

Components Used

The Results

Outsourcing the daily management of its Visual Communications network to FWI not only allowed SFCU to focus on its business objectives but also helped the signage network thrive.

Under the guidance of its Visual Communications Manager, SFCU expanded the signage network across all branch locations as well as its new corporate headquarters.

Spending only 40 hours each month, the credit union’s Visual Communications Manager optimizes the entire signage network; making weekly content updates and proactively suggesting changes that align with the SFCU’s upcoming initiatives and long-term goals. Also, as part of the service, the Visual Communications Manager upgraded the credit union’s FWI software version in order to bring new functionality to the network, like the ability to display apps within regions.

Added Benefits

  • 01
    Created Visual Communications Roadmap
    SFCU can now plan content ahead of time, ensuring that all of its communication channels are aligned.

  • 02
    Simplified Software Maintenance
    SFCU's Visual Communications Manager handles all software upgrades as new functionality become available.

  • 03
    Provided Insights into New Use Cases
    SFCU benefits from its Visual Communications Manager's expertise in digital signage best practices and industry knowledge.

Customer Testimonial

The FWI platform is a wonderful communication channel in our branches and now internally at our corporate headquarters. We use it to create integrated campaigns that help us serve our members and share pertinent information in branches. And we’ve now leveraged this medium for our staff, with screens dedicated to important employee-focused information. However, as our success and use of the FWI solution grew, it required more time, attention and resources.

FWI’s Visual Communications Management service is the perfect solution for us. The costs and hours make sense for the work that needs to be done, plus we know that it’s maximizing our return on investment.

From day one, Kristy, our Visual Communications Manager, was organized, concise, adaptive and incredibly approachable. She helped take our entire Visual Communications network to the next level by matching our strategic plans and needs with solid solutions. From brainstorming, design efforts, project management and cadence structuring all the way through implementation; she has been integral in making us successful with the software. Depending on our workload, she would adapt to what we needed and execute on our goals and strategies, playing many roles throughout the project.

One of the biggest benefits of the program, however, is that it ensures that as new software functionality becomes available, it is immediately being leveraged to enhance our communication efforts. Having a vendor who is on your side like that, who knows your business and is always thinking of creative ways to leverage the platform—that is incredible. And indispensable. My team and I don’t even consider Kristy as an FWI employee. To us, she is a part of the team."


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