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See How Mazda Leverages Digital Signage to Enhance the Retail Experience

September 17, 2020

When Mazda released its Retail Evolution (RE) program, the aim was to provide dealers with an upscale design direction—one with an open concept floor plan and a look and feel enhanced through the use of natural materials resulting in a strong curb appeal and a comfortable environment. The company also prioritized modern communications within the design. One of the key communication components of Mazda’s RE program, is the brand’s digital signage presence. Currently, FWI is the sole provider of digital signage for the RE program, which encompasses 450 screens across 180 dealers. To date, the RE program has been a resounding success, delivering the following results:

  • Dealers who participate in the RE program received significantly higher ratings in the 2020 J.D Power CSI Results, with RE dealers averaging 34 more points than dealers not in the RE program.
  • Dealers who adopt and effectively use one of the approved Digital Service platforms see an immediate and significant lift in dollars per repair order and also an improvement in Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI).

We've seen outstanding results from the Mazda dealerships participating in the Retail Evolution program. And FWI plays such a critical role in the success of these dealerships, and the RE program.

—Michael Hoyt, Manager, Franchise Development

Communicate Facility, Health, and Safety Information Quickly
Communicate Facility, Health, and Safety Information Quickly

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