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October 17, 2019 Four Winds Interactive

Using Visual Communications to Drive Revenue at a Northwest Atlanta Luxury Hotel and Convention Center

The hospitality business is notoriously competitive, and luxury hotels are no exception. That’s why the executive team at this northwest Atlanta luxury hotel and convention center took steps to ensure their property stood out from the competition.

During a recent renovation, the prominent luxury hotel and convention center approached Four Winds Interactive (FWI) to help upgrade their Visual Communications system. They already had a system in place, but it was limited in functionality and adaptability. Through discussions with FWI, the team at the prominent Atlanta hotel learned that unlike their previous system, the FWI platform could be adopted to solve multiple challenges across their large property.

In addition to wanting a versatile Visual Communications solution, the hotel’s executive team needed their screens and content to blend into the modernized look and feel of the renovated space.

Hotel Stats:

43 Screens Throughout The Property

68,892 Square Feet Of Event Space

32 Meeting Rooms

The challenge.

With 14 floors, over 500 guest rooms and 32 meeting rooms, navigating the property’s various amenities was a challenge. The hotel’s management team also struggled with keeping event announcements current, and during the redesign process, they realized they needed to update the guest welcome and check-in experience.

Additionally, the prominent Atlanta hotel is a premier destination for events and conferences. For one large client, the events team is contractually obligated to provide the client’s logo outside of each meeting room. That was inefficiently accomplished with paper signage, and they needed a better way to meet the contract terms. The property renovation was the ideal opportunity to address each of those challenges while also elevating the overall look and feel of the hotel.

The solution.

Through discussions with FWI, the hotel team realized that they didn’t have to source different companies to solve each challenge. FWI’s Visual Communications platform is the single solution for each of their challenges. Making things even easier, the hotel chose FWI’s hosted solution in order to eliminate the need for an onsite server as well as the overhead associated with maintenance.

From meeting room signage through interactive wayfinding, as well as a Virtual Concierge, FWI is powering content to 43 screens throughout the property. There are even four non-interactive readerboards that are integrated with the hotel’s back-end system to dynamically display events and amenity information. However, the new digital meeting room signage is proving to be the most versatile asset in the hotel’s Visual Communications network.

Components Used:

Visual Communications Cloud:

Content Manager Desktop (CMD), Content Player

Professional Services:

Project Management

The results.

The hotel now offers a more streamlined guest experience, but they are also using their signage to drive revenue. The ability to deploy logos to specific meeting rooms with a few simple mouse-clicks opened an untapped revenue stream as well as eliminated the costs associated with upholding the contractual obligations of their large corporate clients. The hotel is now able to upsell custom meeting room signs to other corporate and social event coordinators, and that program is highly successful. When not being used to display custom messaging for clients, the hotel uses the meeting room signs to feature branded amenity advertising.

Added benefits.

1. Increased Revenue

Upselling the custom meeting room signage provides a new source of revenue for the hotel and solves previous contractual challenges at the same time, increasing the ROI for the entire network.

2. Decreased Costs

FWI’s hosted solution ensures that IT overhead and maintenance costs remain low, and the meeting room signage eliminates the costs associated with printing, placing and removing paper logos on a regular basis.

3. Improve Guest Experience

The prominent Atlanta hotel’s Visual Communications network now provides a modern and intuitive guest experience with a WOW Factor that keeps them at the forefront of a very competitive industry.

Tools for Network Administrators
Tools for Network Administrators

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